October 29th, 2019

Urban lakes need protection, NDP calls for lakes commission

Dartmouth -- Following a town hall on the health of Dartmouth lakes, the NDP is calling on the Liberal government to create an urban lakes commission. Today, NDP MLAs Claudia Chender and Susan Leblanc will table petitions calling on the McNeil government to protect Dartmouth lakes.

“Again this summer, Dartmouth’s lakes were plagued with toxic algae blooms and clogged with invasive weeds,” said Dartmouth North MLA Susan Leblanc. “There is not sufficient monitoring by the department and we desperately need more science and more cooperation at the provincial level on the problems facing urban lakes.”

This summer, Leblanc and Dartmouth South MLA Claudia Chender hosted a community meeting about the health of Dartmouth’s lakes. Over 150 people, including local councillors and community leaders, attended to discuss solutions.

“Given Dartmouth is “The City of Lakes, there is huge community interest in protecting urban lakes in our communities. A commission to manage and maintain our lakes is the best place to start because of the cross-jurisdictional nature of our waterways,” said Chender. “These lakes are a part of Dartmouth’s identity, and a vital part of our recreation, tourism, and economic opportunities. We must ensure they remain healthy and usable for generations to come.”

Both MLAs have met with the Minister of the Environment and staff to discuss these concerns and will be meeting again this fall to continue to advocate.