November 20th, 2021

Time for defiant optimism and renewal at NSNDP AGM

HALIFAX -- Focused on renewal and growth, the NSNDP hosted over 160 members at its Annual General Meeting today. NDP Leader Gary Burrill spoke about the election campaign and where the Party is headed.

“Since the pandemic we have entered a different world where it is now understood that the capacity to address a pandemic, or the climate emergency, or the the chronic crisis that significant numbers of people simply can't afford what they need to live, lies in an activist, participatory, and bold government and public sector,” said Burrill. “Ultimately what that means is that the times are crying out for exactly what it is the Nova Scotia New Democratic Party is putting on the table.”

The meeting also heard from federal NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh, the five other members of the NDP caucus, and affordable housing advocates during a panel on the housing crisis in Nova Scotia.

Burrill, who recently announced he will be stepping down as Leader, pointed out the current opportunity for renewal.

“I have not announced my intention to step aside as Leader because I think we are declining. I have announced my intention to step aside as Leader because I have seen repeatedly, throughout my lifetime, how when our Party finds renewal in the right renewing moment, we can rocket-fuel ourselves towards the place where people need for us to be,” Burrill said.