January 15th, 2024

Time for action on affordability from Houston Conservatives

HALIFAX – The Houston Conservatives must do more to support Nova Scotians facing skyrocketing costs of living. At last week’s Community Services Committee, Nick Jennery, Executive Director of Feed Nova Scotia, told MLAs that something has to be done.

"People need more income and affordable housing to live a healthy and dignified life," Jennery told the committee.

Grocery costs are up across Nova Scotia, and food bank usage across the province rose 26 per cent in 2023 compared to the year before.

“The government says they’re trying to help but we don't know if what they’re doing is making a real difference in people's lives,” said NDP Finance spokesperson Lisa Lachance. “We do know from talking to people that they don’t feel better off this year than last.”

In just the first two weeks of January, Nova Scotians have seen another 6.5 per cent increase to power rates, government announced only a 20 cent increase to minimum wage, and Houston’s cap on rents more than doubled from 2 per cent last year to 5 per cent in 2024.

“People are struggling and this government doesn't seem to care. They say they’re supporting people but what that looks like on the ground is higher rents and less money to help heat their homes,” said NDP Housing spokesperson Suzy Hansen. “This government is making decisions that are making it harder for people to get by and that has to change.”

The Nova Scotia NDP has called for income assistance to be indexed to inflation, a living wage for all workers, real rent control, and the removal of HST from all groceries.