February 11th, 2019

Teachers express frustration and discouragement in new report on Bill 75

HALIFAX - A report released by Educators for Social Justice-Nova Scotia shows teachers’ concerns from the 2016-17 contract dispute persist.

Almost 300 teachers responded to a survey asking their opinion about what has improved and what still needs to change following Bill 75.

"The responses showed that teachers by and large still love the work they do, but are stretched to the limit by increased demands on their time, chronic under-resourcing, poorly thought-out reforms, and to top it all off, a poisoned relationship between them and the government that employs them," said Dr. Pamela Rogers, a teacher and Ph.D in education policy who co-authored the report.

Out of the responses received, less than 20 per cent could think of a positive change to the education system following the imposition of a provincial contract in 2017. Sixty-seven per cent mentioned lack of resources as a serious concern, and 65 per cent spoke of not feeling respected or trusted by the government.

“It’s time for the government to show some respect for the experience and expertise of teachers, administrators, specialists, education support workers, and school communities,” said NDP Education spokesperson Claudia Chender. "This report provides more evidence that teachers’ concerns didn't go away when the McNeil government made sweeping changes to the education system without proper consultation and legislated a contract. In fact, the actions of this government have made the situation worse.”

Provincial contract negotiations between the NSTU and the provincial government are set to begin sometime in 2019.

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