July 12th, 2018

Statement by Tammy Martin on Health Authority Board Meetings

Health Authority plans to open some meetings to public

HALIFAX - Tammy Martin, MLA for Cape Breton Centre and NDP Health Care Spokesperson made the following statement on the Nova Scotia Health Authority Board’s plan to open its meetings to the public:

“I’m glad the Health Authority is finally listening to the demands of the people brought forward by the NDP Caucus for transparency and accountability around their board meetings. The public has a right to know what discussions are being had by the Health Authority about fixing the health care crisis and doctor shortage in Nova Scotia. We will be watching carefully to ensure that the Health Authority's board meetings are held to the same level of public transparency we expect from municipalities. It’s disappointing that Stephen McNeil refused to pass the NDP’s legislation that would have opened these board meetings to the public months ago. It’s very unfortunate that the Premier has not shown leadership on this issue and has left it to the Health Authority of decide if and when the meetings will be opened up.”