July 18th, 2018

Statement from Susan Leblanc about Abdoul Abdi’s deportation case

HALIFAX -- NDP Community Services Spokesperson Susan Leblanc made the following statement in response to news that Adboul Abdi will not be deported:

“The announcement that the federal government will not pursue deportation of Abdoul Abdi is welcome news. While this case has come to the correct conclusion, we need to ensure that no other children who grow up in care face a similar situation. Abdoul Abdi was in the care of the Nova Scotia Department of Community Services from the age of six yet no one made sure that he became a Canadian citizen. Our province must immediately take steps to institute policies to make sure that all children under the care of the Minister are Canadian citizens.”

Leblanc introduced legislation in the spring sitting of the legislature that would amend the Children and Family Services Act to ensure the Department of Community Services seeks citizenship for children in care who are not Canadian citizens.