August 14th, 2017

Service Nova Scotia spent more than $800,000 on temp workers

Liberals encouraging precarious work

For Immediate Release

August 14, 2017

HALIFAX – According to documents from the Department of Internal Services, the Liberal government has spent more than $800,000 for temporary workers at Service Nova Scotia.

“With so many Nova Scotians looking for work, I think the public deserves to know why the Liberals are spending so much on hiring temporary workers through temp agencies,” said NDP Services Nova Scotia spokesperson Dave Wilson. “The provincial government should be modelling good employment practices, instead the Liberals seem to be encouraging precarious work.”

The McNeil Liberals have been regularly criticized for their employment practices including laying off employees in several departments, attempting to roll back benefits, and reducing employment opportunities in the public service. The Liberals have also not managed to negotiate a single collective agreement with a major union and recently, negotiations have broken down again between the Liberal government and the civil service.

“How can we expect the private sector to create good jobs in our communities when our own government is using temp agencies instead of creating stable jobs for Nova Scotians?” said Wilson.

A full breakdown of temp costs by department can be found at: https://foipop.novascotia.ca/foia/views/_AttachmentDownload.jsp?attachmentRSN=2259

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