June 4th, 2021

Rankin’s Waffling Threatens Action on Climate Crisis

As the climate crisis continues to threaten our way of life in Nova Scotia, Premier Iain Rankin refuses to rule out bending the cap-and-trade rules in order to accommodate Pieridae Energy's proposed Goldboro LNG mega-project.

Experts have warned that the Goldboro LNG project stands to blow through Nova Scotia's legislated greenhouse gas emissions ceiling.

"It's inconsistent verging on hypocritical for the Premier to leave the door open to bending Nova Scotia's carbon rules for a project that would undermine our ability to tackle the climate crisis," said NDP Leader Gary Burrill. "You cannot evade a question of this magnitude and still claim to be committed to the environment. The two things don't go together."

On the eve of World Environment Day tomorrow, the Liberal government needs to provide proof that their environmental statements do more than scratch the surface.

"We have a Premier who won his leadership race, in no small part, due to his promise to act on protecting Nova Scotia's land and wildlife. Yet he gutted his own Biodiversity Act, and still refuses to protect Owls Head, which was secretly delisted from the Parks and Protected Areas plan in 2019," said Burrill. "There are less than nine years to achieve the climate targets required to stave off catastrophic outcomes. We need a government that is serious, resolute and committed to what is required."