September 30th, 2019

Public funds should not go to private stadium development

Dartmouth -- NDP MLA Susan Leblanc is making it clear she does not support public money going to a stadium development on the Shannon Park land in Dartmouth North.

“There are so many more things government needs to be investing in, in our province and in Dartmouth North,” said Leblanc. “Dartmouth North is in the middle of a housing crisis. Giving a private company government hand-outs for a sports stadium when people can’t find a place to live is out of touch with what our community needs.”

Leblanc, who is the MLA for Dartmouth North and the NDP’s Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal spokesperson will table legislation on behalf of the NDP caucus on Tuesday that would block public money for a CFL stadium.

“The McNeil Liberals have left the door open on this question. The Premier has said many times he will look at the proposal and could create new revenue streams to support building a stadium,” said Leblanc. “If there is new money to be found, the people of Dartmouth North need affordable housing, not a stadium.”

City staff for the Halifax Regional Municipality are currently reviewing a proposal from the ownership group that wants to build a stadium. That proposal includes requests of public funding from all levels of government.