March 27th, 2024

Premier says he fully supports scandal-ridden Hogan Court development

HALIFAX– The Auditor General’s recent report on Hogan Court was deeply alarming, showing money being spent without checks and balances by the Houston government. Today’s Public Accounts Committee will review the Auditor General’s report on the Hogan Court development.

“I think it's really important that Nova Scotians understand just how poorly managed this project has been and how many questions there are about all the other projects that this government has yet to even get off the ground,” said NDP Leader Claudia Chender. “The Auditor General has very clearly laid out the shocking financial mismanagement and irresponsibility on this project. Today government officials will have to answer for these decisions.”

In Question Period yesterday, Premier Houston told MLAs he supports the project “1000 percent” even though no beds have actually been created, and his decisions have raised serious questions about who is really benefiting from this government’s health care spending decisions.

“The Houston government promised to fix health care. But at every turn I hear from people who have seen little improvement or in fact, say things are getting worse,” said NSNDP Health spokesperson Susan Leblanc. “This government is now selling their hospital-hotel, further privatizing how health care is delivered in Nova Scotia. All of this with little oversight and serious questions about the way this government spends on health care.”

In February, the Auditor General’s report found that the Houston government’s $34.5 million purchase of the Hogan Court hotel did not show due diligence to obtain good value for money.