June 2nd, 2022

Premier must tell NS Power to disclose executive compensation

Halifax - Nova Scotia Power is trying to prevent the release of a number of documents related to the company’s executive compensation schemes that were requested as part of the Utility and Review Board hearing on electricity rates. The NDP is calling on Premier Houston to push Nova Scotia Power to release reports on its executive compensation as requested by the Consumer Advocate.

“The Premier has admitted to meeting with Nova Scotia Power, and to making his positions clear to them. He should meet with them now, and make it clear that they should release the information on executive compensation requested by the Consumer Advocate,” said Claudia Chender, NDP Natural Resources and Renewables spokesperson. “People cannot afford to see their power bills keep rising, especially while executive compensation also skyrockets. Nova Scotia Power shouldn’t be able to hide this information from the public.”

The NDP put forward a number of solutions during the Spring legislative session to help lower people’s power bills, restrict Nova Scotia Power’s profits, and address the climate emergency.

"The Conservatives did not bring in a single proposal, in the legislative sitting, that would actually lower the power bills of people in Nova Scotia," said NDP Leader Gary Burrill. "And, unlike other provinces, they still have not brought forward a single, broad proposal to deal directly with the cost of living crisis. The Premier has said repeatedly that his priority is the people who pay the power bills in Nova Scotia; he has an opportunity here to show that this is more than words."