March 8th, 2019

Op-Ed: International Women's Day-Time for a Better Balance

Another International Women’s Day has arrived, yet gender-based violence is sadly still pervasive in Nova Scotia. The stories keep coming about sexual assault and harassment, domestic violence, human trafficking, and femicide.

Service providers confirm they need more resources to address the needs of survivors. Sexual assault victims have been turned away from hospitals. Midwifery services in rural areas are falling apart, and prenatal services are being eroded.

Frontline workers who look after our most vulnerable citizens and keep our hospitals, schools, daycares, and nursing homes running - a majority of whom are women - are burning out because of this government’s blatant disrespect and refusal to invest in core services.

At the same time the annual cost of child care is increasing at nearly double the rate of inflation and low wages are keeping thousands trapped in poverty. Yet the McNeil government still won’t consider a $15 minimum wage.

At times it can feel overwhelming.

But there’s a better path forward. One important step is the election of more progressive women who will make people a priority. In 2017 the NDP made history by electing a caucus of 5/7ths women. Let’s keep the momentum going!

If we work together, we can achieve balance for women and a brighter future for all Nova Scotians.


Lenore Zann is the NDP Spokesperson for Status of Women.