March 11th, 2019

Number of bedsores jump, more staff needed in nursing homes

Halifax-- A significant jump in bedsore cases in Nova Scotia nursing homes is further evidence that the Liberal government must increase nursing home staff. The NDP has called for a legislated ratio of staff to patients to ensure facilities have the number of nurses and continuing care assistants needed to prevent and treat bedsores.

“Once again we’re hearing about too many nursing home residents dealing with preventable injuries. The McNeil government must understand that they have a role to play here,” said NDP Leader Gary Burrill. “Everyone from front-line workers and patients, to the expert panel appointed by the Liberals, has pointed out that we need more staff in our nursing homes. We can only do that through government investment.”

From October through December last year, 26 stage three and four bedsores were reported by the NSHA. In the period before that there were six, and in the first quarter of the year there were 10.

“We have heard from families of people who’ve died of bedsores, yet the McNeil government still hasn’t done enough to make a difference,” said NDP Health spokesperson Tammy Martin. “This latest jump shows that we have to do more, and do it now. People can’t keep waiting for the care they need and deserve.”

Last fall the NDP introduced the Care and Dignity Act, which would set legislated minimum levels of care for each nursing home resident.