September 23rd, 2023

NSNDP Housing Plan Can Address 33,000 Affordable Unit Shortfall

SYDNEY– Nova Scotia is facing a housing crisis and a shortage of tens of thousands of homes. The Houston government knows we need to build over 70,000 units–including at least 30,000 new affordable units–to make up the shortfall by 2030 but won’t act or even tell people their plan.

“With people who have never worried about housing before struggling, and homelessness rates rising across the province, there is no choice but to act,” said NDP Leader Claudia Chender. “We have to tackle the issue of supply and we have to make sure that a large part of the new supply is non-market and truly affordable.”

According to the CMHC, Nova Scotia can expect a supply gap of roughly 70,000 housing units by 2030. The NSNDP is committed to doing what it takes to build the new homes Nova Scotians will need, ensuring 33,000 new affordable housing units and making sure thousands more people will be protected in their homes from unfair rent hikes and evictions.

“Working in community, alongside so many partner organizations who are on the ground trying to help individuals and families, it is truly devastating and startling to witness this level of homelessness and the desperation among those most vulnerable in our communities,” said RN and Community Activist Janet Bickerton. “We need to address the housing issue from every angle. This is not a situation that can wait or that will be solved with a limited patchwork of programs and without bold action from the government.”

The NSNDP is committed to:

  • building thousands of new affordable and accessible units of housing by reinvesting in non-market housing, including publicly owned, cooperative, and non-profit housing models;
  • providing free tuition and expanded capacity at NSCC to train more skilled workers who can build housing and;
  • working with municipalities to update zoning and speed up permitting to support and expedite construction.