February 24th, 2020

Nova Scotians want Shared Prosperity

Halifax -- Today, the NDP Caucus released the final report from Prosperity Shared: The Commission for Economic Equality in Nova Scotia.

Last fall the Commission travelled to six communities throughout the province hosting a community supper and conversation. Each event included a presentation from a local organization about community-led solutions in the area and an opportunity for community members to discuss what is needed to create economic equality in Nova Scotia.

“What struck me at all the meetings is how much people wanted to see incomes increase to meet the needs of all people regardless of whether they are a barista, a janitor, or unable to work,” said Charlie Huntley, a Prosperity Shared commissioner. “For some that meant talking about basic income, others wanted to talk about a $15 minimum wage or living wage or raising the rates on income assistance. People know that change is possible, but we need to organize and demand the government implement these solutions.”

The top issues raised by people at the six meetings across the province included growing economic inequality in our communities, lack of affordable places to live for everyone from newcomers to seniors, the impacts of climate change, and food security.

“More than anything, what stood apart was the unanimity of voices that the status quo is not good enough. Nova Scotians are generous. We know that there is enough to go around,” said Susan Leblanc, NDP Caucus Chair. “We came away from these meetings with an even greater sense of urgency about tackling the issues of affordability and income inequality. Nova Scotia can have prosperity that is shared. We can have an economy that works for everyone.”

The report recommends action on making life in Nova Scotia more affordable, improving access to learning opportunities, action on housing affordability, and ensuring continued access to strong, publicly funded health services.

The final report is available online at nsndp.ca/prosperityshared.