March 22nd, 2024

Nova Scotians want to help protect lakes and drinking water

HALIFAX –Today, on World Water Day, the Nova Scotia NDP tabled legislation to help Nova Scotians afford well-water testing and protect the province's lakes and waterways.

“People deeply value the lakes and natural environments in their communities and with human activity and climate change impacting lake health we need to be taking action to protect these important spaces for everyone,” said Susan Leblanc, NDP MLA for Dartmouth North.

Considering increasing reports of blue-green algae in lakes across Nova Scotia, and the value of lakes as environmental habitat, recreation, and economic drivers, the NSNDP bill would create a Provincial Lake Advisory Commission to advise the Minister and ensure action to conserve Nova Scotia’s lakes.

"I am excited to see the NSNDP introduce this Bill," said Norman Steele, Portland Estates and Hill Residents Association, Environmental Chair." I have been working with lakes organizations for many years to advocate for the health of lakes, which are under threat from environmental shifts and failed construction and development practices. Our Lakes are the hub of many Nova Scotia communities and provide valued ecosystems and invaluable recreational opportunities. We need everyone to work together to ensure the lakes are preserved for generations to come."

More than 40 percent of Nova Scotia households get their drinking water from private wells. The Province of Nova Scotia recommends well-water should be tested every six months for bacteria and every two years for chemical contaminants. The NSNDP Bill tabled today would require the minister to offer free testing of well-water used as a source of drinking water.