February 21st, 2024

Nova Scotians deserve a break on cost increases in next provincial budget

Sydney – Cape Bretoners continue to deal with increases in the cost of living with little relief from the Houston government. Groceries cost more, housing costs have skyrocketed, and power rates have increased 14 percent in two years. Meanwhile, the Houston government cut funding to programs that help families heat their homes while costs continue to rise.

“The Houston government will table a budget in a little over a week. It should return the Heating Assistance Rebate Program to the level it was last year, and set it to be indexed going forward,” said NS NDP Leader Claudia Chender. “The Houston government has had massive increases in revenues, yet they aren’t helping more people get by with the money they have.”

In Cape Breton, more people are struggling with the cost of keeping the lights on and heating their homes. Nine of the top 10 communities facing energy poverty are in Cape Breton. And, according to the most recent poverty report card, Cape Breton's child poverty rate is 27.6 percent, well above the provincial average of 20.5 percent.

“There is a serious issue with affordability on the Island. The costs of everything are soaring and we need a government that does what it can to help so that families can be successful and secure,” said NS NDP Leader Claudia Chender. “I’ve heard so many stories across Cape Breton of families feeling abandoned by the Houston government as life becomes less affordable. There are things we could do right now to make sure they get the break they deserve.”

The NS NDP is committed to helping Nova Scotians by:

  • reining in Nova Scotia Power and helping lower heating bills;
  • getting rid of unnecessary vehicle inspections and license fees; and
  • providing free meals to kids at school.

Chender will wrap up her Affordability Tour in CBRM today.