May 4th, 2022

Nova Scotians can’t afford 10% rate increase proposed by NSP

HALIFAX – The Houston government must do more to protect Nova Scotians from increasing power bills and rising cost of living. Today’s Public Accounts Committee is focused on Nova Scotia Power’s proposed 10 per cent rate increase that will go before the Utility and Review Board (UARB) later this year.

“People are struggling with the rising cost of everything, they certainly can’t afford a 10 per cent increase to power rates,” said NDP Natural Resources and Renewables spokesperson Claudia Chender. “In the spring sitting of the legislature the Houston government tabled two bills to amend energy legislation yet neither will keep people’s power bills affordable which should be the government’s priority.”

The NSNDP has proposed a suite of legislation that would have helped lower people’s power bills, and address the climate emergency. The Houston government voted against an NDP amendment to the Public Utilities Act which would have permitted NS Power to create a rate assistance program.

“Nova Scotia has been a leader on energy efficiency but we’ve seen that progress stall. The climate emergency isn’t slowing down, people need to be able to afford to heat and cool their homes to manage the impacts of more extreme weather,” said NDP Environment and Climate Change spokesperson Susan Leblanc. “We should be maximizing the cost-effective energy efficiency opportunities that would help people keep their power bills lower and make homes more efficient.”

The NSNDP plans to intervene in the UARB hearings on the rate increase next fall, and will continue to push for legislative changes to protect Nova Scotians from increasing power bills.