April 29th, 2020

New NDP Spokesperson Roles

Halifax -- With the election of Kendra Coombes as the new MLA for Cape Breton Centre the following changes will be made to NDP Caucus spokesperson roles:

  • Kendra Coombes is now spokesperson for Community Services, Gaelic Affairs, Labour and Advanced Education, Municipal Affairs, the Public Sector Commission, and Seniors.
  • Susan Leblanc becomes spokesperson for Health and Wellness.
  • Claudia Chender is now spokesperson for Energy and Mines.
  • Lisa Roberts remains spokesperson for Housing.
“I am ready to get to work in these files, speaking on behalf of the NDP Caucus on such important issues,” said Coombes. “I’m honoured to continue the work of my colleagues to advocate for people who need better support from the government.”

A full list of spokesperson roles for the NSNDP caucus is available here.