December 5th, 2018

NDP wins expanded labour protection for women

HALIFAX -- NDP Labour Spokesperson Tammy Martin made the following statement in response to new rules for pregnancy and parental leave and paid leave for survivors of intimate partner violence:

“It has been the NDP who has pushed the government to improve workplace protection for parents and people who have experienced domestic violence.

These changes are welcome and will help ensure more people are able to take the leave they need from their jobs. They are welcome today, and would have been welcome if they had been enacted months ago, when the NDP first raised these issues.

I also want to thank labour advocates and women’s advocates, who have been pushing for leave for survivors not only in Nova Scotia, but across the country.”

The NDP tabled legislation to create paid leave for survivors of intimate partner violence in the spring sitting of the legislature and fought to amend the Liberals' changes to the Labour Standards Code in the fall to ensure those who qualify for EI would also know their job was protected when taking pregnancy or parental leave.