August 16th, 2021

NDP will put real people’s lives at the front and center of government choices

Halifax – Today, NDP Leader Gary Burrill was joined by many of the real people he met during the election campaign to offer a better choice to Nova Scotians. A Nova Scotia that includes permanent rent control, private long-term care rooms with a washroom for every senior who needs it, free before and after school care, same-day/next-day mental health care, and a real plan to address the climate emergency.

“Campaigns are about listening to people talk about the real struggles they face each and every day and offering them a plan for a better future,” said Burrill. “People have been clear about what this election is about for them: the twin crises of affordable housing and health care.”

The election is about people like Mike Sangster who spoke yesterday about the $850 rent increase he received and who is now on a waitlist for seniors’ housing. Or people like Terry Madden in Dartmouth, who spoke about how he had to find a new home for his cats when his rent increased so much he could no longer afford both to care for them and keep a roof over his head.

“The Rankin Liberals and Houston Conservatives are both against rent control, and neither offers any solutions for the people who will be forced from their homes, with no place to go,” said Burrill. “The housing crisis got worse under Iain Rankin and the Liberals, and they offer no answers to the people directly hurt.”

Only the NDP will bring in permanent rent control.

This election is about Michael Liegis and Jay Aaron Roy who are working to remove the stigma around mental health in their communities and among young people.

“Mental health care is health care. Same-day/next-day mental health care and mental health emergency response teams are possible,” said Burrill. “Electing more NDP MLAs means we can make a real difference in the kind of health care people have in our province.”

An NDP government will open 14 same-day/next-day mental health clinics and make sure all four health zones have an emergency response mental health crisis team.

“I want to be very clear; if either Iain Rankin or Tim Houston are elected these things will not happen,” said Burrill. “But real people need them to happen, and they can happen. Your vote has the power to bring in something better. Tomorrow, vote NDP and together we will put real people’s lives at the front and centre of government choices.”