August 13th, 2021

NDP will make sure mental health care is there for people who need it, when they need it

Halifax – Today, NDP Leader Gary Burrill spoke with Kayla Bernard, a mental health advocate, about the need for better mental health care for young people and families in need.

“Too many families are left watching a loved one struggle because of long wait times or no emergency care for those in crisis,” said Burrill. “After eight years of Iain Rankin and the Liberals more people are waiting for the mental health care they need.”

Barriers to publicly funded mental health services have created a two-tiered system in Nova Scotia. People who can afford to pay for mental health services get help right away. Others who can’t afford to pay out of pocket must wait.

"The current mental health system is not working for those people who really need help,” said Bernard. “The system is not ready to respond when people have the courage to ask for help. Some key at-risk populations like children and youth, BIPOC, and 2SLGTBQ+ people are falling through the cracks."

According to the IWK, there was a 156 per cent increase in people accessing maternal mental health services during the pandemic and child psychologists say that demand for their services is skyrocketing.

“Mental health is health care and the NDP has a plan to give people the help they need with only their health card,” said Burrill. “The hope of same-day/next-day mental health care and mental health emergency response teams for people who need it is only four days away. More NDP MLAs will fight for the needs of real people. On August 17, vote NDP for something better in mental health care.”

An NDP government will open new same-day/next-day mental health clinics and make emergency mental health care available across the province.

Election day is August 17.