August 12th, 2021

NDP will ensure rent control remains in place to protect people from unfair, unexpected rent increases

Halifax – Today, NDP Leader Gary Burrill spoke with Darlene Lewis about her experience with temporary rent control and why she is worried about the Rankin Liberals’ plan to eliminate it.

“People are worried that once the Rankin Liberals scrap temporary rent control, they will be left without any protections against huge rent increases,” said Burrill. “Even more concerning is that if people are priced out of their homes, they will have no place to go because there are no affordable places to move to.”

In eight years, the Liberals built fewer than 200 new affordable housing units, creating the worst vacancy rates in Halifax of any major city in Canada.

“The price of housing has gotten out of hand. I share an apartment with my mom and my adult son and it’s still hard to keep up,” said Lewis. “We received notice of a $100 a month increase and started to worry, but the temporary rent control came into effect and spared us the increase we couldn’t afford. But what happens when rent control is gone? Where are we supposed to go?”

Both Iain Rankin and Tim Houston are against rent control but neither offer any solutions for people forced from their homes because of skyrocketing rents and who have no place to go.

“Families, seniors, and young people are worried about losing their homes due to unreasonable and unfair rent increases,” said Burrill. “Only the NDP will bring in permanent rent control.” “There is a choice in this election, the Liberals and Conservatives who will cut millions from the services people rely on, or the NDP who will deliver rent control, provide mental health care to those who need it and improve emergency care. On August 17, vote NDP.”

An NDP government will immediately provide permanent rent control and build 1000 new affordable housing units over four years.