March 1st, 2020

NDP momentum building as Convention 2020 wraps in Halifax

HALIFAX - The final day of the Nova Scotia NDP Convention will be held at the Westin Hotel in Halifax today.

“The NDP is on your side. New Democrats are the only party talking about solutions that will improve your life. Things like same-day/next-day mental health appointments, and higher wages with a $15 minimum wage, and preventing massive increases in housing costs with rent controls,” said Susan Leblanc, NDP Caucus Chair and MLA for Dartmouth North. “You can count on the NDP to help make life more affordable.”

Danny Cavanagh, President of the Nova Scotia Federation of Labour will also address the convention. He will outline the attacks on working class people from the Stephen McNeil Liberals, and highlight the long-standing relationship between workers and the NDP.

“This Liberal government has been incredibly hostile towards working people and unions, passing anti-worker legislation against all types of workers,” said Cavanagh. “Soon, this government will be defeated and unions will still be here, working with the NDP, to improve the lives of working people.”

The NDP Convention will wrap-up today at 1:00 pm. Delegates will elect members of the NDP Provincial Executive and Provincial Council. Jodi McDavid was acclaimed as the new President of the Nova Scotia NDP this morning.