April 18th, 2021

NDP Leader Gary Burrill marks the one-year anniversary of mass shooting

HALIFAX – NDP Leader Gary Burrill made the following statement today:

“I want to acknowledge the solemness of this anniversary as we take the measure of one year having passed since the terrible events of last April.
Our thoughts today are first with the families and friends of the 22 people whose lives were taken, and who carry the burden of this sorrow. Extending outward, we acknowledge, too, all those connected to the victims through the rich latticework of relationships that makes up the pattern of culture and conversation in Nova Scotia, and also those for whom the doors of past trauma have been re-opened by what took place last year.
As we mark this anniversary, we also see and mark the extraordinary courage and conviction of the families, who out of the midst of mourning, fought for and won the public inquiry that has taken form in the Mass Casualties Commission.
And we see in the people of our province -- moved to fill their windows with hearts and flags and supportive slogans, to take part in memorial walks and drives, and to share silent, standing moments -- the compassion and solidarity of Nova Scotia.”