May 8th, 2017

NDP to invest in our children's dental care

Plan will extend coverage up to age 17

NEW WATERFORD – Today, NDP leader Gary Burrill announced a plan to provide better dental care for families by expanding dental care coverage for people 17 and younger.

“Dental care is an essential part of keeping our children healthy, but some parents struggle to pay for basic oral health care for their kids as they grow up,” said Burrill. “The NDP knows how important this is which is why an NDP government will expand dental coverage to include all children under 18.

The previous NDP government originally raised dental care for children up to 14 with a budget promising to raise the age every year until all children under 18 were covered. Once the McNeil Liberals came into government, they broke their promise to implement the budget recommendations and rolled back children’s dental care. This left many working families struggling to afford dental care for their kids 15 years old and older.

The Canadian Pediatric Association has consistently called on all provincial governments to extend oral health coverage to teenagers. Nova Scotia is one of the few provinces left that does not provide coverage to all teenagers.

“An NDP government will invest in the health of our children and give every parent the comfort that their children will have access to dental care,” added Burrill.

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