October 22nd, 2019

NDP introduces legislation to implement Privacy Commissioner’s recommendations

HALIFAX - The NDP will introduce legislation today to improve freedom of information rules and privacy protection based on recommendations from the Privacy Commissioner that the Liberal government has ignored.

“The Privacy Commissioner has highlighted that our Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy legislation was written in 1993, and that we cannot continue to use this outdated legislation,” said Lisa Roberts, NDP Internal Services Spokesperson. “We need to bring this law into the 21st century to protect people’s privacy in this new era.”

The legislation would also give the Privacy Commissioner order-making power when it comes to releasing information to the public.

“The Liberals have avoided calls to be more transparent when it comes to allowing the public to access government information,” said Roberts. “Giving order-making power to the Privacy Commissioner will create an independent third party who can ensure the public’s right to information.”

The recommendations in this legislation come from a letter that the former Privacy Commission sent in January 2019. The full recommendations can be found here: https://oipc.novascotia.ca/sites/default/files/publications/Letter%20to%20Premier%20and%20Ministers%20of%20Justice%20and%20Municipal%20Affairs%20-%20Modernization%20of%20Acts.pdf