July 19th, 2018

NDP committed to LGBTQ+ agenda

HALIFAX – The NDP Caucus is calling on the provincial government to celebrate Pride by implementing policy changes that will improve the lives of LGBTQ+ people in Nova Scotia.

“The NDP Caucus is celebrating Pride by continuing our long-standing support for policies that will advance equity for all,” said Susan Leblanc, NDP LGBTQ+ Spokesperson. “We are calling on the provincial government to go beyond parades and flag-raisings, and take meaningful actions to address inequality.”

The NDP advocates for LGBTQ+ equity by calling on the government to:

  • Ban conversion therapy, as has been done in other provinces;
  • Create gender-neutral identification documents; and
  • Increase funding for community organizations that assist LGBTQ+ youth.

The former NDP government added gender expression and gender identity to the Nova Scotia Human Rights Code, and provided funding for gender-confirming surgery.

“There is much more to do to advance LGBTQ+ rights. It’s important that our provincial government take meaningful action, especially when it comes to supporting LGBTQ+ youth who have higher rates of suicide, mental health issues, unemployment, and social isolation,” said Leblanc. “We can and must do better.”

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