July 9th, 2018

NDP calls for ban on conversion therapy

HALIFAX -- The NDP is calling on government to enact an immediate ban on conversion therapy in Nova Scotia. Conversion therapy is based on the inaccurate belief that sexuality and gender identity can be changed, and has been opposed by many groups including health professionals like the Canadian Psychological Association.

“We know this practice is harmful, especially to vulnerable youth,” said NDP LGBTQ+ Spokesperson Susan Leblanc. “The practice increases the stigma and shame felt particularly by LGBTQ+ youth and has significant negative impacts on mental health.”

Ontario and Manitoba have already created laws ensuring that medical professionals in those provinces cannot bill for services that would be considered conversion therapy.

“Recent stories in the news have shown that this is an issue in our province today and we believe the government should immediately move to pass legislation that would stop this harmful practise,” said Leblanc.

The NDP hopes to work with government to create legislation that can be passed during the next sitting of the legislature.