March 8th, 2019

McNeil must address women’s health concerns

HALIFAX -- As the world marks International Women’s Day, the Liberal government must take action to improve health care for Nova Scotia women. During the five years the McNeil government has been in power, in-person prenatal classes have been phased out and midwifery services in rural communities have had to be suspended twice due to lack of support.

“We need to do better for women in our province. When it comes to health care we know there are specific services that women need and, aren’t able to access,” said NDP Health spokesperson Tammy Martin. “To cut back on health care for women is unacceptable.”

Funding for counselling for survivors of sexual violence evaporated when the government’s three-year strategy expired, leaving hundreds of people unable to access the mental health supports they need.

“The province’s failure to renew the Sexual Violence Strategy has left women’s centres fundraising to cover the costs of therapeutic counselling,” said NDP Status of Women spokesperson Lenore Zann. “The demand for sexual assault support services is only going up. We know people need support and the Liberal government isn’t doing enough to make sure they get it.”

The NDP will re-introduce legislation today to expand midwifery services in the province and require universities to have sexual assault policies for their campuses.