December 6th, 2018

Martin: Servicom job losses in Cape Breton are devastating for the community

New Waterford -- MLA for Cape Breton Centre and NDP Labour Spokesperson Tammy Martin made the following statement in response to news that the Servicom call-centre is shutting its doors:

“This is devastating news for our community. To know that hundreds more Cape Bretoners are out of a job tonight is gut-wrenching and having this happen during the holiday season doesn’t make it any easier.

The people of Cape Breton need help. We have one of the highest unemployment rates in Canada. Many people will be at home tonight with their families worried about how they’ll pay the bills next month. The McNeil government must work on real solutions to poverty and help build employment opportunities outside of Halifax.”

The unemployment rate in Cape Breton is 14 per cent, compared to only 6.8 per cent in Halifax.