March 29th, 2021

Liberals not prepared to take serious action on climate change

HALIFAX -- The Liberals’ budget failed to adequately acknowledge the climate emergency or invest in much-needed green jobs. The NDP Caucus has tabled a number of bills to create a policy framework to take action on climate change as quickly as possible.

“When it comes to climate change, what we know for sure is that there is no time left to wait,” said NDP Leader Gary Burrill. “The COVID-19 pandemic has put an extra-fine point on the way that governments can act boldly when they need to support people and manage a crisis. The same is true with the climate. We need a government that is laser-focused on the double issues of COVID-19 recovery and action on climate change.”

The NDP re-tabled a number of climate and environment-related bills last week, including the Owls Head Act to ensure proposed or pending protected lands are not sold without community consultation. Other bills the NDP reintroduced include the Redressing Environmental Racism Act, the Local Action on Climate Change Support Act, and amendments to the Sustainable Development Goals Act.

“When it comes to protecting land and wildlife in Nova Scotia the Liberal government has not done enough,” said NDP Lands and Forestry spokesperson Lisa Roberts. “Community members around the province, whether fighting for protection of Owls Head, or protection of our province’s biodiversity, are speaking out and saying they want the protection of land and wildlife to be a priority. This Liberal government needs to listen and start taking action now.”

The Liberals’ changes to their Biodiversity Act will be discussed at the Law Amendments Committee today, Monday March 29.