July 15th, 2019

Liberals must answer for Yarmouth ferry cancellations

HALIFAX -- NDP Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal spokesperson Susan Leblanc made the following statement in response to Bay Ferries’ announcement that they will refund all tickets for this season and not accept any new reservations until a more clear start date is available:

“The continued delay in the Yarmouth to Maine ferry schedule is unacceptable for the people who need to know if visitors will be coming to Yarmouth on the ferry this summer. The McNeil Liberals to be upfront and clear with the people of Nova Scotia: will the ferry run at all this season?
Nova Scotians should be able to expect the services that their tax dollars pay for will be delivered. The McNeil Liberals need to stand up to Bay Ferries and impose fines or penalties on the company for this loss of service.”

US Customs and Border Services has told media they were willing to provide services for 2019 and 2020 in Portland, while a new terminal in Bar Harbor was built. That would mean Bay Ferries had the option to renew its lease in Portland, ensuring no delays or disruption in ferry services.