January 29th, 2021

Liberals left $12 million on the table for housing

HALIFAX - The Liberal government left more than $12 million in federal funding on the table for the Rapid Housing Initiative as of the end of 2020. Federal funds were distributed across the country, but the provincial Liberal government’s failure to act means Nova Scotia did not get its fair share.

“People in our communities are building sheds to try and house people, while the Liberal government left $12 million earmarked for affordable housing on the table,” said Lisa Roberts, NDP Housing Spokesperson. “We have a housing crisis and people are being forced out of their homes. The Liberals’ inaction on this crisis shows callous disregard for the struggles people are facing.”

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives report Picking up the Tab highlights that in Nova Scotia 94 per cent of the additional public spending to address COVID-19 comes from the federal government. The provincial government is only contributing 6 per cent.

“We could have built over 100 new affordable housing units in our province with $12 million,” said NDP Leader Gary Burrill. “It is infuriating that the Liberal government, at a time of such intense need, has failed to access every dollar available for housing. An NDP government would ensure that any money available to help people who are struggling in our province, is accessed to help them in those struggles.”

The NDP’s plan for affordable housing starts with making rent controls permanent, and building more affordable housing. The NDP also plans to introduce legislation recognizing access to secure, affordable, quality housing as a human right.