August 30th, 2019

Liberals broke promise on Northside General Hospital

North Sydney-- As ER closures in the province increased, the McNeil Liberals went back on a promise that could have helped reduce the problem in North Sydney. In 2015, then Health Minister, Leo Glavine told reporters that North Sydney would be getting a Collaborative Emergency Centre (CEC).

“ER closures have increased every year under the Liberal government and yet they walked away from a solution that could have kept the Northside ER open more often,” said NDP Leader Gary Burrill. “Collaborative Emergency Centres have helped ensure many communities have access to emergency care at their local hospital. Emergency room closures were addressed with this model years ago, yet under the McNeil Liberals the problem has come back full force.”

Seven CECs were opened under the NDP government with plans for additional centres in New Waterford, North Sydney, and other communities on the mainland. Emergency room closures decreased under the model, which has since been replicated in other provinces.

“Families need to know that when they need emergency services they’ll be able to get them,” said Ronald Crowther, NDP Candidate in Northside-Westmount. “I’ve had to rush my own daughter to the ER and having the Northside General here in our community has made us feel better should we have to do it again.”

Province-wide the number of hours ERs are closed has doubled under the Liberals. Between 2012 and 2018, the number increased by more than 7000 hours in the CBRM. At the Northside General alone, ER closures went from 1392 hours in 2012 to 6606 hours last year, an increase of almost 400 per cent.