January 29th, 2019

Liberals block critical topics from Health Committee agenda

HALIFAX -- The Liberal members of the Health Committee have blocked the NDP plan to discuss emergency room overcrowding and offload delays.

“Every week, there are reports of ambulances backed up at our hospitals. This should be a top-of-mind issue for the Liberal government,” said NDP health committee member Susan Leblanc. “Time and time again, the Liberals refuse to recognize the crisis in our health care system. What will it take for them to pay attention?”

The Liberals have a majority on all committees and voted against putting this important topic on the agenda.

“This is only our second meeting and again we have Liberal members using their majority to get their own way,” said NDP committee member Susan Leblanc. “When this committee was created we talked about working together to find solutions to the health care crisis – that’s not what we’ve seen from the Liberal caucus today.”

The Paramedics Union has called code critical 53 times since January 1. The union sends out a tweet each time the number of available ambulances in a community is too low.