December 3rd, 2018

Liberal response to Lahey report misses the mark

HALIFAX -- The Liberal government’s response to the Lahey Forestry Review is inadequate and doesn’t address the changes most Nova Scotians want to see in forestry practices in Nova Scotia.

“Minister Rankin has had this report for over three months, so to see such a general response today is disappointing,” said Lisa Roberts, NDP Lands and Forestry Spokesperson. “It shouldn’t take three months to say they accept the spirit and intent of the report. We could have started this process months ago and been that much closer to a fully revised Forest Management Guide.”

Planned cuts on crown lands, like one on Hardwood Hill in Annapolis County, have raised concerns. Today’s announcement does little to address the problems being called out by community members.

“It’s concerning that today’s response says nothing about many of Lahey’s recommendations like that we invest in silviculture practices to restore Acadian forests,” said Roberts. “We would have liked to see more clear commitments from the government.”

The Lahey report was released on August 21. The NDP and numerous woodlot owner organizations and environmental groups fully support the report’s recommendations.