April 19th, 2021

Liberal MLAs approve fiscal plan requiring $200 million in cuts

HALIFAX -- Today, the Liberal government passed its budget projecting $200 million in cuts next year.

“What we saw today is a government that is out of touch and so focused on their own fiscal plan that they can’t understand the real harm that will be done by these budget cuts,” said NDP Leader Gary Burrill. “The people of Nova Scotia need investment in health care, child care, and long-term care and in the workers who provide these services. Proposing cuts now, when we don’t know how COVID-19 will continue to impact our province, and when the need and ability to invest is so clear, is simply very poor judgement.”

While the Nova Scotia Liberals are set on spending reductions as a top priority, governments across Canada are planning to take longer to deal with their own COVID-related deficits, including the federal government which tabled its budget today.

“The federal budget includes a commitment to affordable child care across Canada, this is needed now, more than ever,” said NDP Finance spokesperson Claudia Chender. “When you compare the federal budget with the budget passed today here in Nova Scotia the neglect of any new spending on child care in our province is beyond frustrating. When it comes to planning for economic recovery from COVID-19, child care must be a key component for any government that understands the need.”

Today’s budget passed with full support from all Liberal MLAs. The NDP voted against the spending cuts in the budget’s fiscal program.