March 13th, 2020

Liberal government must support all workers through COVID-19

HALIFAX -- NDP Leader Gary Burrill made the following statement in response to Premier McNeil and Dr. Strang’s March 13 COVID-19 announcement:

“The people of Nova Scotia can have every confidence in the public health authorities of the province, and can trust their judgement and advice.
Under today’s announcement, public sector employees will be required to self-isolate after travelling outside the country. These employees will be paid while they are at home. The government is asking all workers to self-isolate after travelling outside the country, but there is no mechanism to ensure private sector workers can afford to do so.
The NDP calls on the government to provide the necessary leadership in this developing situation, and mandate paid sick leave for all workers in Nova Scotia.”

The NDP tabled legislation in 2018 that would change the Labour Standards Code to provide six sick days for all workers and implement a ban on employers requiring doctors' sick notes.