April 23rd, 2019

Liberal government must proclaim ban on fracking

Halifax -- Following today’s Natural Resources and Economic Development committee meeting, it is clear the McNeil government must proclaim the ban on fracking in Nova Scotia now. A moratorium on shale gas fracking was passed in the legislature in 2014.

“We know Nova Scotia is uniquely dependant on wells for drinking water. Putting fracking back on the table is the wrong idea,” said NDP committee member Lisa Roberts. “The NDP’s next topic before this committee is green jobs. It is disappointing that our colleagues wanted to use today’s meeting talking about something that Nova Scotians have already rejected.”

The ban on hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, was put in place in 2014 following the Wheeler report which concluded fracking was too great a risk to Nova Scotia’s ground and well water. The Liberal government amended the Petroleum Resources Act to ban “high-volume fracturing in shale formations” but has failed to finalize regulations in the last five years.

“There are very real economic opportunities in renewable and green energy. We need to focus on how to transition Nova Scotia’s economy for the jobs of the future,” said NDP committee member and Business spokesperson Claudia Chender. “The NDP Green Jobs Plan is a place to start and would make our communities more affordable, liveable and clean.”

The Natural Resources and Economic Development committee will discuss the NDP’s agenda topic of Green Jobs at a future meeting.