September 29th, 2017

Liberal Cap and Trade plan won't work

Scheme subsidizes big polluters, won't effectively reduce emissions

HALIFAX –The Liberal Cap and Trade scheme will not effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions and pollution, according to the NDP Caucus.

“This Cap and Trade scheme has no teeth,” said Lenore Zann, NDP Environment spokesperson. “The Liberals are giving polluters free emission credits that they can later sell. Why is the government subsidizing the big polluters, like Nova Scotia Power?"

Nova Scotia has shown that the most effective way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and pollution is through hard regulatory targets that force polluters to reduce their impact.

The plan also includes a “strategic reserve” of emissions credits that will be released on the market at the request of polluters. This effectively means there will be no hard cap on emissions in the province.

“Everything about this Cap and Trade plan seems designed to benefit polluters, not to help Nova Scotia transition to a green and sustainable future,” said Zann. “This is a do-nothing bill.”
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