September 10th, 2021

Leblanc: Doctor shortage needs more than new office, administrative shuffling

HALIFAX - Susan Leblanc, NDP Health and Wellness spokesperson, made the following statement about the family doctor waitlist:

“Conservatives said fixing health care was their top priority. Now, in the first month of their government, the number of people waiting for a doctor has increased by more than 4,500 people. We know shuffling administrators and tinkering with bureaucracy doesn’t work. It’s what the Liberals did and what the Conservatives are doing now. The doctor shortage requires real investments in health care, so health care workers know they will get the support they need to do their jobs. The Conservatives said they had a plan, but now Nova Scotians need to see immediate action.”

The NDP has proposed expanding the use of Physicians Assistants and Nurse Practitioners as a practical part of the solution to the family doctor wait list that could be implemented immediately.