November 2nd, 2022

Houston won’t help families, finds money for corporate tax break

HALIFAX – The Houston government is putting corporate tax breaks ahead of families and seniors who can’t afford to pay for the medications they need. The Houston government is giving corporations a $24 million tax break but, has refused to help families and seniors by cutting pharmacare fees so people can afford their medications.

“The Premier has the opportunity to help everyday people during this cost of living crisis,” said NDP Leader Claudia Chender. “The Houston government has the chance to do the right thing by supporting the NDP plan to temporarily remove family and senior pharmacare fees during this time of unprecedented economic uncertainty.”

According to a survey done by Feed Nova Scotia 56 per cent of their clients had to sacrifice spending on food to pay for prescription medications.

“More and more people are having to choose between paying for their medicines or getting groceries. Families and seniors are asking the government for help, they need action today not more empty words,” Chender said.

The NDP legislation to pause pharmacare fees will be debated later today in the Legislature.