September 14th, 2021

Houston should make rapid tests available in schools

HALIFAX-- The NDP is calling on the new Conservative government to make rapid tests available in all of the province’s schools so students, parents, and teachers are able to easily access testing as restrictions are lifted in Phase 5.

“Children under 12 aren’t able to be vaccinated. As the province moves into Phase 5 of the reopening plan we need to make sure we’re doing everything to keep students safe,” said NDP Education spokesperson Suzy Hansen. “Providing tests in school for students, staff, and parents to pick up would provide another layer of protection as we navigate the fall and winter cold and flu season.”

Rapid testing clinics that have become common in communities throughout the province, especially in the HRM, are set to end today. Testing is an important part of the province’s pandemic response.

“We know Nova Scotians will do what they can to help protect themselves and their communities from COVID-19. Making rapid tests readily available should be part of that,” said NDP Health and Wellness spokesperson Susan Leblanc. “If people are going to be out and in their community in a more open way, making sure students and those who work with them can get tested easily will help people stay healthy.”

Yesterday, Nova Scotia reported a three-day total of 73 new COVID-19 cases.