August 30th, 2023

Houston should ensure clean air in public buildings, workplaces, and schools

HALIFAX – As families prepare for students to return to the classroom the NSNDP is calling on the Houston government to address concerns around clean air in workplaces, public buildings, and schools.

“Air quality in public buildings is a health concern. Right now, parents and staff are worried about the state of our schools and are frustrated with the lack of information about classroom conditions,” said NDP Leader Claudia Chender. “We have schools where staff and students are stuck without appropriate ventilation. This is a health and education issue and should be addressed as soon as possible.”

The Nova Scotia NDP will table legislation this fall, calling for a plan to improve air quality in public buildings and workplaces. One-fifth of all schools province-wide have no ventilation system to ensure clean air.

“We’ve seen the impact of airborne viruses in our schools. Last year RSV, along with COVID-19 and other viruses caused serious backlogs at the Children’s Hospital in Halifax,” said Education spokesperson Suzy Hansen. “Updating and improving air quality would benefit our students, families, and staff.”

The Houston government has announced four replacement schools under their five-year School Capital Plan but was unable to explain why those schools and not other older or those that appear more in need of repair.