February 7th, 2024

Houston must rein in Nova Scotia Power, give families a break on cost increases

HALIFAX – Nova Scotians continue to deal with skyrocketing increases in the cost of living. Groceries cost more, rents are up again, and power rates have increased 13.6 percent in two years. Meanwhile, the Houston government has cut funding to programs that help families heat their homes while costs continue to rise.

“Like so many other seniors I live on a fixed income so any increase to my bills is hard to manage,” said Halifax resident Janet Brush. “Right now, I spend 48.5 percent of my income on rent which means other cost increases are even harder to bear. Last year my combined pensions increased by less than $100 per month, so at age 77 I'm looking for part-time work.”

Recent reports show more and more Nova Scotians are feeling the pain of skyrocketing costs. Forty-three percent of households in Nova Scotia struggle to afford power and we have the highest child poverty rate in Atlantic Canada. Nova Scotia New Democrats are ready to help people better afford the things families need.

“There is an affordability crisis in our province. The costs of everything are soaring and we need a government that does what it can to help so that families can be successful and secure,” said NDP Leader Claudia Chender. “I’ve heard so many stories across the province of families struggling to make ends meet. There are things we could do right now to make sure people get the break they deserve.”

The NSNDP is committed to helping Nova Scotians by:

  • reining in Nova Scotia Power and helping lower heating bills;
  • getting rid of unnecessary vehicle inspections and license fees; and
  • providing free meals to kids at school.