July 20th, 2022

Houston government must provide direct support to families as inflation skyrockets

HALIFAX – As families struggle for another month to make ends meet, Premier Houston is choosing to do nothing to help them as new numbers released today show inflation continues to skyrocket leaving working people to pay the price.

“The Premier needs to get focused on what is happening to families under his watch. The cost of living continues to climb, and more and more families are finding it hard to afford the basics: gas, food, and their rent or mortgage,” said NDP Leader Claudia Chender. “People are worried and the Premier is choosing to offer little more than empty words with no action.”

According to the latest numbers from Statistics Canada, Nova Scotia’s inflation rate is now 9.3 per cent, up again since May, and the third highest in Canada.

“While other provinces have rolled out programs to directly help people in this time of uncertainty, Premier Houston continues to do nothing,” said Chender. “The NDP is ready to get to work on behalf of families by providing a $500 direct payment to families making under $70,000 a year. That would be a few tanks of gas, or a few trips to the grocery store for people who could really use the help. Tim Houston is the only Premier unwilling to offer real support to working families during this incredibly difficult time. The NDP is ready to get work and make this emergency session about families.”

The NDP plans to table legislation next week to help Nova Scotian families.