August 16th, 2022

Houston has no plan for safe return to school

HALIFAX -With three weeks left before children and teachers return to classrooms across the province, Tim Houston has no plan to provide a safe return to school, even while Nova Scotia is the only province in the country with a VERY HIGH COVID-19 hazard index, according to COVID-19 Resources Canada.

“As the summer comes to an end and kids will be back in classrooms soon, parents have a right to know what protections will be in place to keep our schools safe,” said NDP Education spokesperson Suzy Hansen. “Kids who spent most of the summer outside will soon be back indoors with many other students and teachers. Rapid tests have been harder to get this summer and there are still many unanswered questions about air quality and ventilation in our schools. Parents are looking for answers.”

Yesterday, the province released its monthly COVID-19 Epidemiological Summary and it reported the number of PCR positive results increased in July compared to June.

“In past years parents, teachers and students were given some guidance for a safe return to school. This year, as cases are on the rise, many parents are worried about what awaits their children when they go back to the classroom,” said Hansen. “If Tim Houston has a plan for a safe return to school when will it be released? Health care is worse today than it was a year ago, and more families are without access to primary care. Schools open in three weeks. Premier Houston, what’s the plan?”