June 11th, 2024

Growing rates of violence in schools must be addressed

HALIFAX – Following the release of today’s Auditor General’s report on school violence, the Nova Scotia NDP is renewing its call for the Houston government to take urgent action and address violence in our schools.

“Today’s report is a very serious look at the state of Nova Scotia schools. With overall incidents of school violence up 60 per cent and incidents of racist behaviours tripled, over the past seven years there is no more time to wait,” said NSNDP Education spokesperson Suzy Hansen. “The Houston government is moving too slowly to ensure schools are safe spaces for students and staff. We need to support school communities to better prevent violence and keep track of the diverse ways violence and bullying are impacting students. September 2025 is another full school year away, our children cannot wait.”

Today’s report highlights the need to track violence more closely and support educators to manage violence in their workplace. In March 2023, a student at Charles P. Allen High School stabbed two staff members, sending them to hospital. Last month the NSNDP called for the release of the government’s review of that incident, a FOIPOP for the full report was denied.

“It’s time for the Houston government to show Nova Scotians how they will ensure school violence rates are addressed. We need to be seeking solutions to avoid school violence and providing support to communities across the province who are wondering how to prevent similar events in the future,” said NSNDP Leader Claudia Chender. “The government refusing to release the CPA report is yet another example of them keeping things from the public and making important decisions that impact our children in the dark.”