April 3rd, 2020

Eviction orders being enforced, ban must cover all tenants during state of emergency

HALIFAX -- NDP Leader Gary Burrill made the following statement in response to reports of eviction orders being executed in the last few days:

“Losing your home during a state of emergency is a situation no one should have to face. I’ve said it before, and it is at the core of the issue at hand: you can’t stay home if you don’t have a home to stay in.
Premier McNeil said on March 19 that no one whose income was impacted by COVID-19 can be evicted. A comprehensive ban, covering all evictions, would ensure that no one will lose their home during this time.
Before the pandemic many people couldn’t afford a place to live; it’s now clearer than ever that we need a serious response to the housing crisis."

Almost every other province in Canada has stricter limits in place on evictions during the coronavirus pandemic than Nova Scotia. The state of emergency in Nova Scotia was renewed yesterday for another two weeks until April 19.